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Mobile Legends Zilong Hero Sound

Zilong Build

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ticket Louvre SkyWee   |   Winrate 81.1%
ticket League: x 1000 |   Matches 3000

Hero Sounds

Zhao dragon born is here!

It would take an army to stop me!

Hahaha! Your whole body is a weak spot

Only the fearless heart can soar to the heavens

Your impudence will not be tolerated

Heroes never fade!!!

There's glory and redemption in every death...

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Tranquil as a poem, but raging within.

Your impudence will not be tolerated!

Now, I am one with my spear.

Only the fearless heart can soar to the heavens.

Weapons are meant to protect, nothing else.

Nothing scares me, not even death.

The Dragonborn... is back.

It would take an army to stop me!

Be mighty... Be righteous.

Arm yourself and stand by me.

Retreat! Is never an option.

Retreat or death! You decide.

Hahaha! Your whole body is a weak spot.

Happiness is found from within, not in others.

Heroes never fade!

I could have done.. more...

A bright future await us

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