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Mobile Legends Yisunshin Hero Sound

Yisunshin Build

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cost  32000     diamond  599     ticket  0    
ticket Tig﹏ 斯卡™   |   Winrate 94.2%
ticket League: x 1155 |   Matches 295

Hero Sounds

Oceans are my domain!

Time to attack!

War is a national event.

Wherever the turtle ship goes, the sea belongs to me.

I will not fail my missions.

I'm loyal to my nation.

Enemies are peeping at our land.

Sink into the sea!

Fight to the last second

Keep fighting.. In my name.

Yi Sun-shin JP 00

Yi Sun-shin JP 01

Yi Sun-shin JP 02

Yi Sun-shin JP 03

Yi Sun-shin JP 04

Yi Sun-shin JP 05

Yi Sun-shin JP 06

Yi Sun-shin JP 07

Yi Sun-shin JP 08

Yi Sun-shin JP 09

Oceans are my domain!

Our victory will be decisive!

My reputation is built on my bravery and loyalty!

A good army should be flexible, like water.

A true warrior never backs down from a fight.

If you can predict the enemy's moves, you won't be defeated.

I go wherever the wind takes me.

Only by facing the enemy can one know his true self.

Stay loyal. Stay humble.

Duty. Honor. And homeland.

Rain down the fire!

A worthy death... for a true.. warrior...

Back to sea...

Yi Sun-Shin PT 000

Yi Sun-Shin PT 00

Yi Sun-Shin PT 01

Yi Sun-Shin PT 02

Yi Sun-Shin PT 03

Yi Sun-Shin PT 04

Yi Sun-Shin PT 05

Yi Sun-Shin PT 06

Yi Sun-Shin PT 07

Yi Sun-Shin PT 08

Yi Sun-Shin PT 09

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Yi Sun-Shin PT 11

Yi Sun-Shin TR 00

Yi Sun-Shin TR 01

Yi Sun-Shin TR 02

Yi Sun-Shin TR 03

Yi Sun-Shin TR 04

Yi Sun-Shin TR 05

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Yi Sun-Shin TR 07

Yi Sun-Shin TR 08

Yi Sun-Shin TR 09

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