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Mobile Legends Yin Hero Sound

Yin Build

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cost  32000     diamond  599     ticket  0    

Hero Sounds

"I am Yin. And always will be — no matter what."

"Just wondering what season it is in the valley now."

"I will protect the good in people around me."

"I'd rather lose, than stop fighting."

"I don't bend, or break!"

"Lieh is not my Ally. He's pure malice."

"Losing? Me? Not likely."

"No kidding! I even scare myself when I fight."

"Nobody gets to decide who I am."

"This is getting exciting! What do I do now? Beat them all!"

"Wait, are they trying to kill me? I thought this was just a game!"

"Win or lose, I do it with dignity."

"At any rate, I will never yield."

"What's despair? Some special local food?"

"Run, cowards!"

"Only the weak doubt."

"Hahah! You call this a fight? Boring!"

"Behold! The true eternity mortals!"

"Look in your heart, I might be in there! *evil laughs*"

"I give you my promise, Wanwan."

"This feeling... interesting."

"What have I done?"

"Taste, fear!"

"My turn now!"

"Losing... control..."