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Mobile Legends X.Borg Hero Sound

X.Borg Build

View: 264308
cost  32000     diamond  599     ticket  0    
ticket Wizzking   |   Winrate 95%
ticket League: x 1066 |   Matches 150

Hero Sounds

Woohoo! Set me on fire and I'll play through the battle!

Technology? Hah, what a stupid thing!

Am I scary? *laughs* Don't worry, I'm just a kid.

Huh, why should I care for anyone else?

What are you looking at? I'm more complete than you!

Fire! Let's turn up the heat!

I'm super happy with my cyborg body!

Boom-paa! Nothing can ever heal me from the wounds of disaster.


I will be.. reborn in fire... again... egh...

Let fire insiderate all evil

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