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Mobile Legends Xavier Hero Sound

Xavier Build

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Hero Sounds

"This time, the choice is mine."

"The show begins."

"It took me 10 years to see the truth."

"They will atone for what they did; one way or another."

"Higher-ups? [scoffs] Just a bunch of hypocrites."

"Mystic magic? Funny how they label things they don't understand."

"Heretics? How daring of them to utter that word."

"Light, I will show them light."

"Tough enemies I don't fear. Dumb allies..."

"Ravens? [scoffs] How obnoxious."

"One day, you'll stop searching for someone to blame."

"No disguise can fool my eyes... except that one time."

"[sighs] All wasted."

"Light forever shines upon my cloak."

"Struggle is meaningless."

"Light shows no mercy."

"Not even close."


"Didn't even break a sweat."

"Well, what's next?"

"Hmm, magic."

"How intriguing."

"The enchantments are beckoning."

"Come closer!"

"Crumble into dust!"

"Meet your fate."