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Mobile Legends Valentina Hero Sound

Valentina Build

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cost  32000     diamond  599     ticket  0    
ticket ' So-Nut   |   Winrate 84%
ticket League: x 884 |   Matches 152

Hero Sounds

I didn't cure the pain, I harness it.

It's a pity I'm not the only cursed Paxley.

Once again... stepping into the light.

By taking them down with their trick, I make them fulfilled.

And who suffered? The betrayed? Or the betrayer?

Even time yields to me.

Whatever it takes.

I can still feel him. His warmth, heartbeat... his everything.

There is no good and evil.

We are all cursed, in one way or another.

He will wake up. I know it!

I don't mind leading the Paxleys from a rise to a fall.

Mercy is for the obedient.

Greatness arouses envy, and envy begets betrayal.

Who dare stand against me?!

I join, I win.


*evil laughs*

Irlan... My love...

How dare they...