Phoveus Build

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cost  32000     diamond  599     ticket  0    
ticket Doc Bry 탁   |   Winrate 95%
ticket League: x 420 |   Matches 155

Hero Sounds

Your fear will be my guidance.

We all seek power, but all except one will become its slave

They cage the weak with the word fate.

Loyalty is the only thing weaklings can offer.

I will crush your hope!

Do you hear the darkness speak its whispered tongue?

My power bends all wills!

The world is unworthy of me.

Now, I see through everything.

I see the unresting souls

Fear is always within you.

You don't pull the strings here Astaros, I do.


Unseizable, ac tenebras!

Sekwenton tenebris!

Heloastromest, Phoveus!

Power... I get it...