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Mobile Legends Miya Hero Sound

Miya Build

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cost  10800     diamond  0     ticket  399    
ticket rebirth666   |   Winrate 75.0%
ticket League: x 486 |   Matches 3596

Hero Sounds

Wise choice

Where do you think you're going!?

One shot, one kill

Watch your back!

I can hit you and let you die in a mile away.

You can't run from my arrow.

I can handle that!

Mission unaccomplished

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Walk in the darkness, dance with the stars.

Listen to the wind, it will guide you forward.

I don't miss.

This is none of your business

Emotions make you vulnerable.

You should feel honored.

My only enemy is myself.

No one gets in my way.


Moon God!

Moon.. God.

Be.. lieve.

I should have.. know that.

In the shadow!

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I am the moonlight that breaks through the darkness.

Elves won't give in, no matter how much more suffering we'll go through.

My arrow is my answer.

The way of the arrow: swift, silent, and precise.

The way of the hunter: moderate, respectful and sincere.

The way of the bow: flexible, reserved and understated.

You can't run from my arrow.

I can handle that!

The Forest might burn, the Moon may be dark. But our hope outlives everything.

Where do you think you're going?

Never back down, or prepare destruction.

Watch your back!

Wise choice.

May the Moon forever shine upon us.

The... eclipse... uhh...

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