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Mobile Legends Lylia Hero Sound

Lylia Build

View: 125064
cost  32000     diamond  599     ticket  0    
ticket Kyle   |   Winrate 86%
ticket League: x 350 |   Matches 483

Hero Sounds

It's time to go to Eruditio, have some fun!

Come come! Let me show you some magic!

Adults are so boring, I don't want to grow up.

We can be.. Good friends! Indeed.

You will join me in the adventures, won't you?

hmm... I'm definetly not a crybaby!

Come on! Let's play some games, please!

You know, Magic will deeply connect us all!

huuu... I should have chosen a game that wouldn't hurt me.

See yaaa

Hi there, try this…

Lylia JP 00

Lylia JP 01

Lylia JP 02

Lylia JP 03

Lylia JP 04

Lylia JP 05

Lylia JP 06

Lylia JP 07

Lylia JP 08

Lylia JP 09

Lylia JP 10

Lylia JP 11

Lylia PT 00

Lylia PT 01

Lylia PT 02

Lylia PT 03

Lylia PT 04

Lylia PT 05

Lylia PT 06

Lylia PT 07

Lylia PT 08

Lylia PT 09

Lylia PT 10

Lylia PT 11

Lylia PT 12

Lylia TR 00

Lylia TR 01

Lylia TR 02

Lylia TR 03

Lylia TR 04

Lylia TR 05

Lylia TR 06

Lylia TR 07

Lylia TR 08

Lylia TR 09

Lylia TR 10