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Mobile Legends Luoyi Hero Sound

Luoyi Build

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ticket HameEzkill   |   Winrate 93%
ticket League: x 600 |   Matches 300

Hero Sounds

Gaze the stars and seek your path

Where there is light, there are also shadows.

Like a string puppet, you are totally under my control.

Synergy is an unspoken mutual trust.

I don't owe you anything no more, Great Dragon.

Never look back if you have nothing to regret.

We will be invincible if we truly trust each other.

The future of Cadia Riverlands is in our lands.

Our victories will be limitless.

Your life is worthless, but I will take it anyway.

You are failing the Oriental Warriors.

Loneliness never bothers me.

Everyone has the right to embrace their true self.

Let my will bend the earth!

We all go back to where we belong... ah...


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