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Mobile Legends Lesley Hero Sound

Lesley Build

View: 529038
cost  32000     diamond  599     ticket  0    
ticket KoroNa   |   Winrate 86%
ticket League: x 1490 |   Matches 420

Hero Sounds

Sniper ready. Give me a target.

Come a little closer!

Hmph... I am neither the hungry wolf... nor the sacrificial lamb.

Enemy in range! And you are too.

Hehehe... Remember to tell my brother... It's dinner time!

You won't even know I've missed.

Dead before they knew me!

Sings (Cross-hair lock you down, death kisses you on the forehead)

One shot, one kill.


My.. rifle..

Roger That!

Shoot Shoot Shoot!

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I rule what I see through my scope.

I feel the rush when the crosshairs on you.

Faster than a speeding bullet? No way.

There's nowhere to hide once you're within my range.

One shot is all it takes.

It's all over when the bullet meets your flesh.

My, brother...

Even I.. make mistakes...

No way

Another one

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