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Mobile Legends Layla Hero Sound

Layla Build

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ticket ~~Viagaroo ~~   |   Winrate 63.4%
ticket League: x 145 |   Matches 1763

Hero Sounds

We can do it!

Keep it up, until you are as brilliant as me!

I will drive away the darkness.

Time to shine!

Target locked, open fire!

S.A.B.E.R. Breacher JP

Layla JP 00

Layla JP 01

Layla JP 02

Layla JP 03

Layla ID 00

Layla ID 01

Layla ID 02

Layla ID 03

Layla PT 00

Layla PT 01

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Layla RU 00

Layla RU 01

Layla RU 02

Layla RU 03

Ready... Go!

Hope only dies when you give in.


Keep it up, until you're as brilliant as me!

We can do it.

From now on, I would never back down.

Pfffttt... Ever thought about getting some training at the Eruditio?

There's no future for you, lab rats!

A small mistake, might blow the whole thing you fight for.

Everybody makes mistakes, and good kids make amends.

That once little girl, is gonna save someone this time.

Calm and cool. Just like Ice.

I'm not what whiny girl anymore.

Time to shine!

Father... come back.. home...

Layla TR 04

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