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Mobile Legends Johnson Hero Sound

Johnson Build

View: 294463
cost  32000     diamond  599     ticket  0    
ticket ʛʌɲɲɪƈυƨ   |   Winrate 72.2%
ticket League: x 521 |   Matches 1183

Hero Sounds

Come on! Let's roll!

Installment of vehicle missiles is a must for safe driving.

Hold tight! I'm stepping on the gas!

Boom Paw!

Autobots? Sounds familiar...

I love rushing in at lighting speed!

A pair of powerful pliers is important to fix both tyre and people.

Hey youngster, need a ride?

It's only.. an accident..

I'll crush you into pieces

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Johnson JP 10

Bust through my shield first, then we will talk!

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