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Mobile Legends Gusion Hero Sound

Gusion Build

View: 626672
cost  32000     diamond  599     ticket  0    
ticket Skywee   |   Winrate 92%
ticket League: x 1438 |   Matches 1023

Hero Sounds

The perfect combination of might and magic.

My swordmanship is almost as goodlooking as I am.

To the hidden blade, all life is equal.

My blade moves with the shadows.

Take a guess at how many swords I have.

No need to be so jealous, I was born for this

Break the limits!

Just try to keep up with me.

Magic lies in the mind but my blade follows my heart.

My sword.. just wasn't fast enough...

Gusion JP 00

Gusion JP 01

Gusion JP 02

Gusion JP 03

Gusion JP 04

Gusion JP 05

Gusion JP 06

Gusion JP 07

Gusion JP 08

Gusion JP 09

Gusion PT 00

Gusion PT 01

Gusion PT 02

Gusion PT 03

Gusion PT 04

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Gusion PT 06

Gusion PT 07

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Gusion KOF 00

Gusion KOF 01

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Gusion KOF 03

Gusion KOF 04

Gusion KOF 05

Gusion KOF 06

Sacrifice everything, for victory? Gladly.

Saber, you're all unforgivable.

Gusion Venom PT 00

Gusion Venom PT 01

Our strength and courage will be eulogized in the galaxy.

Our conquest is the vast galaxy.

Faith is my unbreakable sword.

War... never ends easily.

We will fight for a brighter future!

The power of will is stronger than any armor.

Technology may have surpassed the flesh, but never the spirit.

Behold! The Dawnbreaker!

Let me rest.. In her eternal starlight...

Gusion Legend JP 000

Gusion Legend JP 00

Gusion Legend JP 01

Gusion Legend JP 02

Gusion Legend JP 03

Gusion Legend JP 04

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Gusion Legend JP 07

Gusion RU 00

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