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Mobile Legends Granger Hero Sound

Granger Build

View: 402487
cost  32000     diamond  599     ticket  0    
ticket Chevell-.e   |   Winrate 89%
ticket League: x 680 |   Matches 368

Hero Sounds

Experience the euphony of suffering.

Behold my crescendo bullets.

Wanna take a look inside?

Let's make this quick!

hmm.. I'll compose the greatest sonata with your corpse.

Your death is music to my ears.

Don't even try escaping my side.

I only fight for myself, no one else.

Ahh... Uggh, ahhh... My... Guitar case...

No... Encore...

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No one can resist my charm, not even my enemies.

Every bullet of mine is a gift for you.

Hmph, Let my bullets be the nails in your coffin.

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