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Mobile Legends Gord Hero Sound

Gord Build

View: 199541
cost  24000     diamond  0     ticket  499    
ticket qare-art   |   Winrate 71%
ticket League: x 367 |   Matches 913

Hero Sounds

I Love the warm feel of my passion burning!

There's no time to chit chat.

Stop pissing me off, or I'll destroy you!

You will never learn...

Face yourself.

Mystic Magic is so wonderful!

Imagination is the driving force of the energy.

I'm not a monster, i'm a demon!

Open your mind!

Bear my Wrath!

Now.. I can take a rest...

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*laughs* This World shall be mine!

The Roof of all Evil.. Lies Within

Enough! of your nonsense

You... Nothing! but mere Maggots!

This place... reeks of weakness..

Tremble! before me

Face! Your Judgement!


You won't be so lucky... Next time


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