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Mobile Legends Freya Hero Sound

Freya Build

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ticket League: x 337 |   Matches 1366

Hero Sounds

I answer the call! From now on my sword will always be with you!

God's witness to everything that happened here.

Can you resist my knock out blow?

I understand. It's my pleasure to take part in this battle.

The Spirits will be with us.

I have created over thousands of blades

I'm going to overthrow everything here

Then it's my turn to attack!

Meaningless fate, sooner or later, will collapse, when facing reality.

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I am a daughter of Northen Vale, I swear to protect it till my last breath.

Stand firm! and hold your ground!

Never forget your love for the land.

My ancestors are watching from Valhalla. I won't let them down!

Follow my lead and march onward!

Fallen warriors, let me guide you home.

A scar.. is a testament of the warrior's honor.

People of Northern Vale maybe defeated, but never conquered.

We never claim to be undefeated, but unbreakable.

Spirits of Northern Vale, guide me!

Northern Vale... I'm coming.. home...

I respect your choice, but I will stop you

If you're the most honorable warrior of this land, then prove it

I don't need your adoration, but your focus on the battle

No one shall harm the peace of Northen Vale, not even in octopus

Your crew will soon be moaning your death on the ship

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