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Mobile Legends Fanny Hero Sound

Fanny Build

View: 755496
cost  24000     diamond  499     ticket  0    
ticket Paranoid   |   Winrate 92.0%
ticket League: x 810 |   Matches 4457

Hero Sounds

Sir, what's your command?


War is not a game.

For victory!

Fanny JP 00

Fanny JP 01

Fanny JP 02

I can read the darkness if I'm fast enough.

Brother, the empire is safe on our watch.

Young as I am, I can guard the empire with my life.

Fanny TR 00

Fanny TR 01

Fanny TR 02

Fanny TR 03

Fanny PT 00

Fanny PT 01

Fanny PT 02

Fanny PT 03

Fanny PT 04