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Mobile Legends Eudora Hero Sound

Eudora Build

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cost  2000     diamond  299     ticket  0    
ticket σвѕ|.Kiм   |   Winrate 86%
ticket League: x 650 |   Matches 630

Hero Sounds

Huhuh.. Let's see who has the last laugh.

Would you like to have a drink with me?

We still... have a score to settle.

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You should be ashamed for not trusting yourself.

Give life to magic, not magic to life.

The more your fear grows, the smaller you become.

Would you like to have a dr!nk with me?

I know who I am and you will soon know as well.

Let's see who has the last laugh.

What limits you is not magic itself, but the way you use it.

The Eruditio is as silent and peaceful as the night sky.

To change the world, start by changing yourself.

Another world for compromise is failure.

Lightning... Strike!

My magic is... out of control...

*All* The abyss changed everything