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Mobile Legends Edith Hero Sound

Edith Build

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cost  32000     diamond  599     ticket  0    

Hero Sounds

I am the priestess of Primal Lightning, the hunter of all the Evil Gods.

Ancient Ones, lend me your strength!

My home is over the rainbow

Let's finish this, I must not exhaust my friend.

Lightning will strike, those who lie.

Lightning clears the thickest darkness.

Vile creatures, yield to the Ancient power!

Away from this land, evil doers!

When peace returns, I'll also return to my home.

Family bonds can be unbreakable – I learned that from my father

My duty is to hold evil in check

Human emotions are beautiful. And powerful, too.

Wow! This age has interesting fashion!

It still feels funny to have Ancient memories.

When lightning strikes, one can hear the heavens furious roar.

Lightning has striking beauty, doesn't it?

I used to fight for the Ancient Ones. Now I also fight for my home.

Enemies coming. Phylax activated.

Every day I pray to the Ancient Ones. Please, bless my father.

Sometimes I wonder... What if I'm still that little girl?

Water creatures smell bad... but father likes them.



Heaven's wrath!

Meet your end!

I'll be reborn... ugh...

Father... wait for me...