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Mobile Legends Claude Hero Sound

Claude Build

View: 395895
cost  32000     diamond  599     ticket  0    
ticket jin   |   Winrate 90%
ticket League: x 1500 |   Matches 110

Hero Sounds

Hey, Get out! I already gave you your share little guy.

There's a crazy rumor that my partner is beautiful girl.

Huh, living freely is one of life's basic principles.

Let me introduce you to my partner Dexter.

Me a thief? No, no, no, I'm only borrowing this.

Sshh, why don't we go steal the enemy base next

*yawns* I'm tired of farming, lets go fight some enemies

Dexter, you getting fat buddy?

Show me the money!

Monkey! Go!

Money and beauty!

Let's get this started!

My.. money..

This is some badluck

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