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Mobile Legends Bruno Hero Sound

Bruno Build

View: 453349
cost  15000     diamond  399     ticket  0    
ticket Jess No LIMIT   |   Winrate 85%
ticket League: x 1680 |   Matches 832

Hero Sounds

Wait for it...

Oh, Sorry!

Woohoo! You feel that?

Hey, very nice kick! Give me the ball

I'm on top of the world!

Ah... It's a... disaster...

Ball Away!

Bruno JP 00

Bruno JP 01

Bruno JP 02

Bruno JP 03

Bruno JP 04

Bruno JP 06

Bruno PT 00

Bruno PT 01

Bruno PT 02

Bruno PT 03

Bruno PT 04

Bruno PT 05

Bruno PT 06

No one can make me give up, not even myself!

I Love the warm feel of my passion burning!

Course the piece is worth fighting for!

Bruno TR 00

Bruno TR 01

Bruno TR 02

Bruno TR 03

Bruno TR 04

Bruno TR 05

Bruno TR 06