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Mobile Legends Belerick Hero Sound

Belerick Build

View: 138195
cost  32000     diamond  599     ticket  0    
ticket PЯӨ GΛMΣЯ   |   Winrate 85%
ticket League: x 268 |   Matches 132

Hero Sounds

My name is Belerick.

I have no regrets

Don't touch me, i don't want to hurt you!

Choose every living being, choose every life.

Until my next awakening...

I hate conflict!

Come to my side

Hahaha... I love this land!

Darn human... leave this place!

Pointless conflict lead to pointless destruction.

Belerick is not afraid of fire.

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Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.

Kids pride usually comes before the fall.

In death, I shall be reborn.

All lives, are precious.

The abyss may corrode our land, but not our iron will.

Hahahah! Seeds of hope, are all over this land!

Hmm.. Time teaches you things you can't learn from the books.

Green leaves may fade, but wisdom is evergreen.

Huh.. For thousand of years, I've searched in vain for the ancient ones.

Bloom! Against the wind!

What comes from the soil, returns to the soil...



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