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Mobile Legends Beatrix Hero Sound

Beatrix Build

View: 565152
cost  32000     diamond  599     ticket  0    
ticket OHEB   |   Winrate 90%
ticket League: x 2500 |   Matches 320

Hero Sounds

Anyone saw Diggie lately? Got a message for him.

Time and tide wait for no man, nor girl.

It requires some extra efforts to be the protagonist.

Locked and loaded. Bang Bang!

Learn to accept people for who they are. True wise words from the doctor.

I hope you don't get tired of seeing me.

Always one generation ahead of you.

If sheer words could break you, what cannot?

Morgan get the tub ready! Need to take a hot bath when I get home

Going full steam ahead

Hey there! Meet Renner, Nibiru, Wesker, and Bennett!

Let me show you how to outsmart them old fossils.

This girl right here dresses to kill... literally.

Always on the winning side.

Beatrix, Beatrix everywhere.

Winner Winner Chicken... Well, you get the idea.

At least they tried. Didn't they?

Don't worry, Beatrix to the rescue.

My inventions are meant to serve humanity.

Dodge all you want. I got plenty ammo.

No offense, but.. you really need an update.

So many firearms to choose from.

Introducing Renner, my snipe rifle.

Blow them up! Bennett!

Wesker, you ready to put on a show?

Say 'Hi' to my babies! Nibiru!

I see you.

Hahaha! Airdrop incoming!

Try wesker!

Bullet shower!

This sucks...

Didn't see that coming...