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Mobile Legends Angela Hero Sound

Angela Build

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cost  24000     diamond  499     ticket  0    
ticket CΣ | Ꭰejakub   |   Winrate 83%
ticket League: x 452 |   Matches 586

Hero Sounds

Love and hope are the two greatest inventions.

Abra kadabra! Keep smiling!

Kiki kaka! The strings of my puppet got tangled up... can you help me with that?

Stay cheerful...everyday!

Stay in a good mood... everyday!

I can do all the chores! Ugh... except cooking...

Doctor calls me his little angel! But (giggles), I can't fly...

It's my job to help people.

Hihihi, stop staring at me. Watch out for neck problems!

Keep on smiling! It's important.

Pipa Pipa!



Doctor calls me... Angel..

Where is...my... daddy


Ulalaaaa......I got you back..!!!

Angela JP 00

Angela JP 01

Angela JP 02

Angela JP 03

Angela JP 04

Angela JP 05

Angela JP 06

Angela JP 07

Angela JP 08

Angela JP 09

My new body feels amazing!

*giggles* No one can escape my sights.

Angela PT 00

Angela PT 01

Angela PT 02

Angela PT 03

Angela PT 04

Angela PT 05

Angela PT 06

Angela PT 07

Angela PT 08

Angela PT 09

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Angela TR 03

Angela TR 04

Angela TR 05

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Angela TR 07

Angela TR 08

Angela TR 09

Angela TR 10

Angela TR 11

Angela TR 12

Angela TR 13

Angela TR 14

Angela TR 15