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Mobile Legends Alucard Hero Sound

Alucard Build

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cost  15000     diamond  0     ticket  399    
ticket ʍᴀχiʍuʍ`GaƦez   |   Winrate 70%
ticket League: x 235 |   Matches 1795

Hero Sounds

Nothing lasts forever, we can change the future.

Killing is always better than giving mercy.

Enjoy your last meal.

Everything will come to an end.

Hey, not bad.

I'll never be your friend!

Let me show you the art of killing

I don't want to die

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Charge! Nights of night!

Hey hey... See my admirers behind me?

Solitude is my closest friend.

No one can escape me!

Me? Kneel? Huh! Never!

Don't tread on my freedom.

Cold, but not cruel.

Failure is not an option.

Dead or alive, vengeance shall be mine..

Prepare to die!

Hmph, Demons! I shall be your eternal nightmare.

War never ends, neither does my determination.

Demons! Step forward if you have a death wish.

The light belongs to the righteous.

Demons... I cleanse this land with your blood.

Silence and surrender are both a form of betrayal.

Fear and surrender are not in my vocabulary.

I was born a rebel.

To fight is my sole purpose.

Ah, ah, try not to drag me down.

I shall not rest until I restore my father's glory.

I will find the truth.

*sigh* I miss Ezria under the Moonlight, as well as her silver longbow.

Demons have no place to hide...

Run if you wish.

I will fight... 'til my last breath...

I cannot... lose...