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Mobile Legends Aamon Hero Sound

Aamon Build

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cost  32000     diamond  599     ticket  0    
ticket Jess No LIMIT   |   Winrate 100%
ticket League: x 1988 |   Matches 326

Hero Sounds

I've never told him this, but I do see a bright future in Gusion.

Even the most glorious family could have a dark side.

I have no tolerance for betrayal!

Paxleys are always true to their word.

Sentiment will only color my judgement.

Above the rest, that's where we Paxleys deserve to be.

Robed, I'm Duke Paxley; Cloaked, I'm Blader Aamon.

My goal is simple; to break the curse upon my family.

I'm your guide to the underworld.

Perhaps I'm born to bear the weight.

On the battlefield, noble blood won't give you a second life.

People regard me as an impalpable shadow.

Out of evil deeds comes a greater good.

Young man, are you having fun?

Take care, young man.

Sorry, brother.




It was a relief...

It happened, at last...