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pasive: ame no habakiri. when units are eliminated nearby. the blood demon absorbs their souls into its body to be used as energy gains 2 demon blood if it's non-hero units and 10 if it's a hero

skill 1: demon feast. unlocks after five basic attacks. hanzo uses ame no habakiri to devor a target enemy unit and digest them over a period of time. doing so regenerates hanzo gets 20 demon blood can only be used against creeps and minions deals 500 points of true damage if the target is lord or the turtle.

skill 2 : soul reap . hanzo opens the soul portal to deal 160(+105) point physical damage immediately.the portal then causes 40(+26) points of physical damage every 0.5 seconds and lasts 4.5 seconds. every time the portal deals damage hanzo recovers demon blood. ıf hanzo steps ınto the center of the portal. he will recover the area and demon blood used.

ultimated: pinnacle ninja. with the help of the blood demon. hanzo becomes the supreme demon ninja and achieves 20 demon blood. he then dashes forward to gain %30 movement speed and %30 atk speed when the demon ninja is killed hanzo will return to where the blood demon was. stunned and weakened . ıf the blood demon is killed hanzo dies too. this skill consumes demon blood and once it's used up the blood demon would spped up and get back to hanzo while astop providing buffs.